Attention:  Interior Designers, Decorators, Window Treatment Pro’s, Workrooms, Re-designers, and Stagers

Date:  December 26th
From: Vita Vygovska, MBA, owner of Vitalia, Inc.

Dear Friend,

Are you an Interior Designer, Decorator, Window Treatment Pro, Workroom, or Stager who…

  • Feels like you’re constantly “spinning wheels”, but have nothing to show for yourself at the end of the day/month/quarter/year?
  • Lets others (clients, subs, family and friends) rob you of your time because you “feel bad” saying no to their requests?
  • Finds herself putting out fires most of the day and constantly trouble-shooting problems and issues instead of concentrating on activities that actually make you money?
  • Knows she spends needless minutes (sometimes hours) looking for things, feeling disorganized and frustrated?

Hello, my name is Vita.  I am an active design practitioner and a business coach for bright and motivated design professionals.  I started as a window treatment specialist in 2005 from scratch, after quitting a 6-figure corporate job, because I wanted to be more productive with my time and talents.  I thought that if I worked for myself, I would be free to use my time however I wanted!

While technically it was true, I quickly discovered that often my time wasn’t my own at all.  It seemed to belong to my clients (who expected to see me on a whim), my subs (i.e. workrooms who asked me to come by to take a “quick” look at something), to never-ending errands, driving, phone calls, issues, problems, and myriad of other challenges that seemed to spring up on a daily basis.

You would agree that this business, perhaps like no other, is laced with more details, nuances and intricacies. Often, to take care of them, we find ourselves running around from the clients to the workrooms, design centers, showrooms, stores, and all the other places that play a role in making any design a reality.

I finally came to this conclusion one day five years ago when, at the end of the day, I reflected on my day: I went to the workroom to answer questions, stopped by the post office, went to the furniture store to match a color, drove to a client’s home to pick up pillows and to a different workroom to drop them off, went home to answer e-mails, got lost on the internet doing research, and straightened my car. I was exhausted and really had nothing to show for myself: I really didn’t do any “money-making” activities. The desire to use my time to its peak productivity was the reason I left my corporate job. When I realized that I was falling into the same trap, I knew things needed to change.

It is a system that allowed me this year to:

  • Run a business that grosses over quarter of a million dollars (focusing on window treatments)
  • Manage over 20 clients at a  time
  • Coach other decorators on proven business principles through my Get It Done mentoring program (which is currently sold out for the first quarter of 2012)
  • Completely redesign my website
  • Participate at a local decorator showhouse
  • Mastermind, develop, promote, and host my first-ever live event in NYC
  • Speak at various industry conferences all over the country
  • Volunteer my time on the boards of local industry organizations
  • Deliver helpful  business advice to decorators all over the world via bi-weekly email newsletters
  • Participate in social media without it totally consuming my time
  • Go on business trips to Scottsdale, AZ, Los Angeles, Last Vegas, and Louisville for conferences and mastermind meetings
  • Travel for pleasure on, not one, but two beautiful vacations
  • Be there for my 2-year old son, who is a bundle of energy and joy
  • Take private dance classes and even perform in a holiday spotlight performance

Here’s what you’ll learn in this telecourse:

  • The single important tool that I’ve been using for the past five years (and still use every year) to identify how I spend my time, where it’s being wasted, and how I should use it more productively going forward
  • The difference between goal setting vs. priority setting, and why you should care
  • The century-old rule that still holds true today and can be applicable to almost any business decision
  • The rule of 3 D’s and how to use it
  • #1 mindset shift any designer needs to make to master the true art of time-management
  • What are personal time rhythms and why they are important to you
  • How your life legacy and life roles play into time management skills
  • My personal mini systems that I’ve developed over the years, and still use every day
    • Calendaring
    • Office organization and set-up
    • Email
    • Files (electronic and physical)
    • Fabrics and samples
  • How technology (and the cloud) is used to increase the productivity of my office (and yours too)
  • Simple but clever tips to increase your effectiveness after a networking event
  • Staying productive on the road (tips to organize your car, some of my favorite gadgets that make doing business possible and safe)
  • Why I combine my personal and business to-do lists and believe strongly you should too
  • Why, contrary to popular advice, I don’t leave my desk clean at the end of the day or plan my next day the evening prior.
  • On-demand method to boost your short-term productivity, that its easy and free
  • How to handle the avalanche of emails and phone calls
  • My personal tips for working moms
  • How I still manage to indulge in my hobbies (i.e. dancing) and stay present in my marriage
  • My easy tips to write more, faster (good for anyone thinking of starting an email newsletter or a blog)
  • The hard-line rule I use to move to the next project
  • Module #4 will be completely dedicated to your questions – this is your opportunity to ask me any burning question live on the air and get personal lazer coaching from me

So to recap:  when you register for this 4-part telecourse, you will receive:

Four LIVE 60-80minute sessions with me personally, where I walk you through my exact system for how I manage my time and get more done, than any other decorator I know


One of the four sessions, is a LIVE 60-80 minute Q&A session, where you can ask me any questions about the content of the course and get on-the-spot personal laser coaching


My personal calendar that I use on a weekly basis that you are free to model



My personal worksheets, checklists, and forms  – take them, model them, apply them to your own life a business.  It is your ‘behind the curtain’ peek at what makes me so productive


Mp3 recordings of every call (including the Q&A call), for you to listen to at your leisure and keep and refer to as part of your permanent success library

In this course, I’m laying it all out and holding nothing back.  If I had a nickel for every time my colleagues and friends said: “how do you get it all done?”, I’d be a lot richer.  You too can have the admiration of your peers, but most importantly the feeling of control and peace that you are productive, organized, and on top of your game.

Thank you for the fantastic help with your seminar!  You have me focused on being productive and profitable, not just busy.  I look forward to a difference in my bottom line this year!”

Deb Landy

Stage Two Sell LLC

I was able to listen in and you did answer my questions. Thank you!!  I have really enjoyed these sessions and it makes me very excited about my business and I’m ready to put your ideas into action. I am going to sit down this weekend and really go through the notes I took and come up with a plan.

Thanks again for the great info and for sharing your expertise with the world!!


Laura W. Purvis
Laura Purvis Designs

I look forward to “seeing” you on this telecourse with me.


PS.  I guarantee to save you at least 3 hours per week with my tools and systems.  That’s 156 hours or 19 days per year.  How much is even one hour worth to you?


Q: Are you running these as Webinars via Go to Webinar or similar or is it a case of dialling in via the phone line?

A: We run our programs through Instant Telesummit, which provides phone as well as webcast access.  Using webcast access allows you to listen through your computer and not incur any long distance phone charges.

Q: I’m based in the UK so dialling in makes it very expensive if you use a USA based number and therefore prohibitive for me.

A: The webcast option, described above, is perfect for you then!

Q: What time of day are you planning?  Again being based in the UK live webinars or tele calls can find me asleep!

A: Each session will start at 3pm Eastern.  Here’s the website that will help you know exactly what 3pm eastern means in your time zone.

Q: I am going to be traveling on one of the days of the program.  Depending on where I am in my journey, I may or may not have cell service. I will try to listen in the car but if I can’t, will I have access to that session?  I really need this and don’t want to have to sacrifice the whole program because I will miss one session.

A: As part of the course, you will receive mp3 recordings of ALL sessions.  So you don’t have to worry about travelling and missing anything.  This whole telecourse will be permanently part of your library.

Q: When will you post the recordings of each call?

A: The recordings will be forwarded no later than the day following the training session.

Q:  When is the deadline to sign up at the reduced rate?

A: The deadline to sign up at the discounted rate is Monday, January 2nd.

Still have questions?  Please write to me directly at, and I promise to answer them.